Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Sunderstore Lookbook week 9

Here's the lookbook photos for sunderstore's week 9's launch can't believe tht it's already been 2 months since the webstore is launch. It's finally getting on track and hopefully business will get even better! Please feel free to give me any suggestion or what you'd like to see in the webstore in my askfm :)




Stay tune for this week's update on this Friday! Just 2 more days hehe


Tuesday, May 7, 2013


 Isn't it just so annoying when you go out and have dinner after hiding at home for 2 days and then thought of going for a movie after dinner but you've already watched most of them 2 weeks ago and all the new movies that has just been released so terrible... That's what happened to me the day before yesterday. R and i ended up going to his place after dinner and we decided to push 2 of his sofa in his balcony together to make a bed and throw our blanket and pillows over it and watch movies n his laptop.

It's actually really cozy and we could even see the stars in the sky which is pretty rare in sg!

Kuro loves the outside, once he gets on the "bed" we made he'd find a spot that's the most windy and just stay there with his face buried under the pillows.

I think i some how got tanner after not going out for a couple of days how it that possible?! 

Will be blogging about where i got this romper tht im wearing in a couple of days!


Friday, May 3, 2013

Peperoni & cheese

I decided to wear something girly on Tuesday so i dug out one of my favorite pullovers i got in japan h&m with a simple white skirt. And i also found a chocololipop i bought in seoul lotte world hahaha!

Doing jump shots in a skirt is probably the hardest thing ever, girls will know what i mean

My hair kind of looks like a mess as im still learning how to curl it properly myself, i've been practicing almost everyday!

R let me plan a date for us because he's always the one planning them and  since i'm so unorganized it was sort of a challenge for me. I was honestly kind of lost but i found a peperoni pizza outlet about 10 mins drive from my place and wanted to have a giant 21inch pizza but R said we couldn't :((((

Doing what  girl do best while waiting

We ended up getting half parma ham(my fav) and half peperoni and it was pretty yummy, it wasn't really enough for both of us but we were going for a movie so more room in my tummy for popcorn & nachos!

Pizza taste better when you're using your hands!

Pretty sunset!

 After watching iron man(i got us comfy elite seats hehe) we went t red dot at dempsey to have a drink with Celia the birthday girl. We didn't do much as everyone kind of wanted a chill night, everyone's gettin old..

Love my boo.


Thursday, May 2, 2013

Elegant Summer (Hair/nails/eyelashes)


On sunday I went down to Fareast Plaza which is known for their fashion apparels/salons/manicures and so much more. Basically a place where you can get clothes and services at a really cheap price. Oh and they're pretty well known for their chicken rice on the 5th floor(i think)! Many times I walked passed shops with hair extensions services and see may girls doing them and thought to myself why would you wanna have fake hair when you can just let your hair grow out?

 I mean of cause i want long smooth hair with gorgeous curls , who doesn't right. But no matter how many youtube tutorials i watched and tried to curl my hair from the methods they teach i felt like something was just missing...

 So freaking gorgeous, I would do anything to have their hair.. One of my top search on youtube would be "How to get victoria secret angel curls" and most videos said that extensions are required for the thickness or even length to get the dreamy hair which made perfect sense. It's no secret that katy perry/rihanna and most famous stars wear wigs and extensions to get the 'perfect' length and volume so why not i just give it a try?

I headed down to Elegant Summer located at Fareast Plaza 03-102 which is the other side of fareast because most of the shops at the front door area actually charge higher. I was immediately greeted by was services and i couldn't get over how cute and purple the shop was!

These long wavy clip on extensions caught my eye at first but they were more suitable for people who wants to have different looks everyday

I'm a pretty lazy person so i decided to go ahead with the strand by strand extensions which would last about 3-4 months. Also I would be able to dye/perm/treament and wash my hair etc just like it's my own hair.

Here's how my hair looks plain and boring.. I pick the straight extensions because they were longer and I ve never really had  super long hair so i was extremely excited!!

 Starting on the first layer, the extensions are braid to my real hair so that they will be secure.

Working on the second layer, i was dying to see how it looks like from the back already!

Finally the third layer is completed and the lady boss was so kind to curl my hair for me, she even gave me a flat iron and taught me how to curl how hair with it!

Me hurrying R to take a photo of my hair so i can see it!!

 TADA OMG. I was so happy about it!!!!  I think i've nvr seen my hair so gorgeous and i couldn't stop telling the lady boss thank you. She was actually worried that I wouldn't like my hair haha!

   Of course my trip to Elegant Summer didn't just stop there, i proceed on to do my nails as the manicurist looked really friendly and she recommended me to do nails extensions before painting them because it's more worth it and also their nail extensions includes free manicure!

My nails could never grow this long and they were so comfortable that they felt like my own :)

There was this huge wall full of nail polish that i could choose from!

After about 2 hours my nails were  finally done! This set was customized by the manicurist just for me because i love blue/mint and wasn't a fan huge of girly nails with blinks and all. This was perfect for me!

 There is also a small room that you can do your eyelashes extension without worrying that people would walk pass and look at you.

Visit ElegantSummer now for awesome promotions starting from as low as $10!!

Address : 14 Scotts Road Far East Plaza #03-102 Singapore 228213
Contact number: 6737 9439 / 9712 9381